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We have the ONLY Australian Toyota FJ Cruiser of its type in the UK and the only one in the World that can make “All” fresh roast bean “Posh”coffees straight out the back 🙂 Heres our story….

We are Claire and Clive.  Together we are Coffee Cruiser. We have brought Clive’s fantastic 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser over from Australia where Clive has lived for 35 years!  We decided to combine our love of coffee and the love of our car.  We had it converted here in the UK to this magnificent mobile coffee truck.  We don’t need electricity or have a noisy/generator we don’t even need the engine running like other traders to be able to trade all day. NO noise & NO smells apart from the delicious smell of freshly roasted coffee 🙂 We are completely self-sufficient and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Our truck is unique, Like us!

If you would like to know how tragic heart ache and loss helped us to be where we are today…..Grab a coffee, a box of tissues and read our uplifting story ……


I’m Claire when I was a girl of 14, I met and fell in love with a boy Clive who was 18. We were together nearly four years, inseparable.  When I was 18 and Clive 22 his family wanted to emigrate to Australia.  I was given the chance to go with them but wouldn’t leave my family.  He went, and I stayed, broken hearted.  We lived our separate lives.  Both married different partners opposite sides of the world.  I had three children and unbeknownst to me Clive had one son.  A whole life time had passed.  I had married again and my second husband, Dick, was a wonderful loving caring man.  He was retiring from work and wanted to do a trip to Australia.  He said to me one day before the trip “why don’t you look up your old boyfriend from your teens, see if you can find him and we can meet in Oz and say Hi”.  He knew I always carried a candle for Clive, well you do, don’t you?  Your first love.  So that’s how our the start of our next chapter began….. Dick & I searched the internet and finally got an e mail address for Clive.  He was thrilled that I had found him after nearly 26 years of no contact… So in 2006 we met again, It was amazing to see him again after so long. Dick and I spent four days with Clive and I was thrilled and happy to see the two men I had always  loved talking and laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  It was surreal.…..

We kept in contact with Clive over the years via e mail on & off….. Then one day I had to send Clive an email of the devastating news that Dick was dying 🙁 from leukaemia and only had weeks to live… I was shattered and heart broken.  Clive became my confidant of the struggles and heartache I was going through.  Whilst I was up in the night nursing and unable to sleep I would e-mail Clive as I knew he would be awake because of the time difference….  When Dick sadly died in my arms, it was my children and Clive that were getting me through the most dark, desperate times.  Clive was very supportive even though he was so far away……so there we were, both of us alone again.  Clive was separated and divorced and living a bachelors life for the last 12 years and I was a widow.  We e-mailed more often and then had our first skype call … countless calls, texts and e-mails, some photos and a video of his beloved Toyota FJ Cruiser, which to me was bright and happy and made me smile.  Then one Skype call he looked up from the screen and said, “I think I still love you, I need to fly to the UK, we need to know.  So in July 2013 he flew to the UK.  35 years after we were a couple, I met him off the bus, the world stopped for what seemed like ages and we were back where we started. I can never put into words the incredible feelings at that moment that we both felt.  All my tears of grief and sorrow started to heal there and then, it’s as if he’d been sent to look after me.  He travelled back to Australia to make some plans, only this time I went with him.  The journey that we never did 35 years ago we were finally doing.  I stayed in Australia for five months figuring where our journey together would take us next.  It went without saying that I loved the Cruiser.  I loved the colour, size and most of all the comfort.  Over the years I have undergone lots of surgeries on my spine and having six screws and two metal plates in my back and four plates in my neck.  The car is lovely and high and easy to get in and out of and with the suspension being so fantastic, traveling for me is a dream.  Clive told me the story of how he got the car.  On his way to work one day he saw a poster for a competition to win a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Although he never entered it, he knew that he wanted one. He fell in love with it.  He had never been fortunate to buy a brand new car this was his first at 52 he bought it in 2011.  First he actually ordered a platinum one but when he showed the brochure around to family and friends they told him it was “classy”….

So he changed it to a yellow one  🙂  his favourite colour…. We decided in our plans to come back to the UK for now.  I needed to be near Dick’s grave and grieve for the loss of a beautiful man and friend, and I needed to be near my children to do this.  Clive was able to retire at 55, so that’s what he did.  We had already decided that we wanted to bring the cruiser back with us but one day in Australia we were at an open air market and we stopped for a coffee.  I was gobbed smacked and couldn’t get over the fact that you could get a real proper bean to cup coffee from the back of a vehicle.  I had never seen that before…. So the plan was hatched, that’s what we will do with the cruiser.  We went to college in Australia and were trained as Baristas.  (Ha ha..we can make a ‘proper Australian Flat White!) We flew back to the UK in May 2014 but we had to wait seven weeks for the cruiser to arrive by ship.  We were so excited it was coming.  We tracked it daily on the shipping and got up at the crack of dawn to see the tanker bring in OUR Toyota FJ Coffee Cruiser on Southampton water.  We were like two excitable children.  We found a company in Coventry, Really Awesome Coffee to do the complete fit out of the car and the COFFEE CRUISER  Southampton was born.  The coffee part of the car runs on two leisure batteries and LPG gas for the espresso machine.  Clive came up with the name Coffee Cruiser, it just seemed perfect and my daughter did the logo and all the art work.  We have been up and running since October 2014. And do you know the most important thing? we love what we do. Our business is very popular and above all Unique, just as our lives have been. Dick would be extremely proud of me and very happy that Clive and I are finally back together.. We were married in 2016 (my teenage dream)…We’ve had a bit of rubbish to deal with. I tore a main artery in my neck just after the wedding, which bled into my brain and gave me a mini stroke and on top of that I was also diagnosed with a Pituitary tumour…So as I say a bit of rubbish… But we have our Happy Coffee Cruiser to keep us smiling and keep us busy..Look out for us cruising around Southampton and other areas serving the freshest roast bean Coffees 🙂

So there we have it. That’s our story.. Now for a much needed coffee from our Coffee Cruiser 🙂  a Roast bean one of course!





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